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Who We Are

On this site you see Brooklyn College graduates who majored in print journalism (as it was taught over the years in the English Department) or majored in journalism as taught in the TV/Radio Department.

We believe Brooklyn College has offered the best journalism education available for undergraduates in New York City. And that’s saying a lot, because New York City is still the media capital of the world.

Recently it was decided that the college’s two journalism programs would merge and exist as one in the TV/Radio Department.

This site was developed by Ron Howell, currently an associate professor in the journalism program of the English Department. He believes Brooklyn College’s journalism faculty members are committed to the values of American journalism, seeking out truths and telling them in ways that are informative and interesting. They are searching for models that allow journalists to live satisfying and happy lives, as they go about the work that most of them consider a calling.

For a description of the Journalism Program that’s in the English Department, visit here.

For a description of the Journalism and Media Studies Program of the TV/Radio Department, visit here.

Here are Brooklyn College’s full-time journalism faculty members:

Eric Alterman (English Department Journalism);

Ron Howell (English Department Journalism, creator of this website);

Miguel Macías (TV/Radio Journalism);

Anthony Mancini (English Department Journalism, Director);

Paul Moses (who recently retired from teaching at Brooklyn College but is still writing like crazy and strongly connected with his former students);

MJ Robinson (TV/Radio Journalism);

Jessica Siegel (English Department Journalism).

Brooklyn College has a number of journalists teaching courses as adjuncts, including longtime newspaper columnist Denis Hamill; fiction and non-fiction writer Masie McAdoo; foreign correspondent and multimedia journalist Mark McSherry; veteran professor of writing and journalism Claire Serant; and Jason Silverstein of CBS News.


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