Natalie Musumeci, continued

Natalie’s first full time reporting gig was at The Brooklyn Paper — a weekly broadsheet where she covered Brownstone Brooklyn, including Carroll Gardens, the neighborhood she was born and raised. After about a year of cutting her teeth at the small news outlet, she became staff at the New York Daily News by the age of 23. There, she worked out of the now-defunct Brooklyn Bureau in Downtown Brooklyn. Given where she was born, where she went to college and her work history, Musumeci was once told during a job interview that she’s almost “too Brooklyn,” but she took that as a compliment. During her time at Brooklyn College, Musumeci interned at NBC as well as the Daily News, among others. She also was a contributor for the Carroll Gardens Patch – the first news outlet to ever pay her for writing an article. Immediately after graduating from Brooklyn College, Musumeci started a full-time internship at the Daily News before freelancing for, which recently shuttered. Musumeci is a dedicated reporter with a strong knack for news and a passion for local journalism. Since starting at The Post in Sept. 2014, Musumeci has written/reported on nearly 2,000 articles. Her author page can be viewed here:

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