Naima Ramos-Chapman, continued

“Throughout my years, inspired by both my own experiences and of those around me, I decided to base my work specifically around trauma, mental health, and sexualized violence. I also attempt whenever possible to cast people directly related to the subject matter, myself included, to ensure authenticity and vulnerability in the performances––but also as a means to encourage agency and self-healing.

“PIU PIU was based on a real interaction I had with a man who stalked me in broad daylight for several hours straight. Trauma, no matter the scale, is something that doesn’t simply go away –– it lives with you. Sometimes that entity residing in your mind can be the most suffocating experience, especially when experienced by a woman in this male-dominated society. PIU PIU is therefore a demonstration of the self-savior and release. With this film, I envision the hope, healing and agency to come. I believe truly, that vulnerability is contagious.”

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