Laura Albanese, continued

I also got to marvel at the hard work of the women who came before me, who made it possible for me to walk into a clubhouse or a locker room without fear of reprisal. In 10 years covering sports, I’ve seen more and more women break into an overwhelmingly male-dominated field – doing it with intelligence, resolve, skill, and more than a little chutzpah. It’s been really, really cool.

As for me, I’ve tried to soak in every moment. People keep telling me that print is dying, but we’re still here, and still on deadline, trying to capture fleeting moments a few column inches at a time. I’m active on Twitter – probably too active – and you can catch me there at @AlbaneseLaura. Once in a while, I get to go on TV and try to say real words without fainting. You can sometimes see me on MLB Now, on the MLB Network, or Baseball Night in New York, on SNY. But more often than not, I’m at a stadium or an arena or a locker room or a clubhouse (and, that one time Charles Oakley got into a fight during a Knicks game, at the local precinct). Basically, I cover everything, so I’m a little like the Forrest Gump of sports reporting, but without the foot speed.

And yes, I get to talk to the players. No, I don’t get free tickets.

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